Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its a North Carolina psycho pottery show freakout!

(I guess you need to be a fan of the Cramps for the title to sink in)

Here's some images of the invitations, so graciously put together by one talented Ann Parrent, for my Nine Toes Pottery postcard and the card for my holiday open studio sale with Laura Korch of Trout Ceramics.

Followed by some photos of my studio, packed and overpacked with a backlog of bisque and drying greenware (not drying fast enough) for the upcoming sale. The bisqueware is for a cone 6 soda firing that I am doing at Doug Dotson's hopefully in a few weeks in preparation for a class I'm teaching at the Artscenter in Carrboro, NC. Very hot class, it filled up the morning registration opened for the Winter 2009 classes. These peeps here in the Triangle loves them some soda firing.

This past weekend, I was in Raleigh for the 39th Annual Carolina Designer Craftsmen sale, which hosted pretty sparse crowds and most exhibitors had lagging sales. But, a big old bright spot for a slow sale is I got to hang out with some of the other exhibitors and talk quite a bit. Blaine and Laura Avery and Bruce Ghoulson and Samantha Heneke of Seagrove were there, and my good friend Kelly O'Briant and her hubby Matthew Thomason, not to mention Jen Mecca were some of the other artists that I spent more time with than in my booth trying to sell my work (Kelly noted that "Discipline Factor" of knowing you should stay in your booth even though the temptation to wander keeps calling you into the isles and out of the boredom of no customers.)

Well, all this previous typing was done weeks ago and I have had my studio sale in the meantime and a little downtime to boot. The studio sale with Laura was better than last year and I am really thankful and excited that everyone came out and bought some pots even in this most dire of economic times (or is it?) here's dem photos of my packed studio and Doug Dotson and I are loading and firing a cone 6 soda this coming weekend. Keep the kiln gods with us. More later.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey Y'all

Hey y'all, I for some truly unknown reason have taken upon myself to start this here blog. I think browsing Ron Philbeck's, Jen Mecca's, and Amy Sander's blogs kind of planted a seed for me to start thinking about articulating some of the reasons why I am a potter and also explain what I am trying to do and get some feedback from all of you blog trotters. It may end up being mostly a journal for me, a record of daily studio happenings, thoughts, frustrations and a quick way to get images out in the world. So here goes, and forgive me for any violations of blog ettiquette.

I biked over to the studio today, beautiful high 60's sunny weather, and worked on getting a bunch of bud vases together for my upcoming sales. I made it in the door around 1pm and after 4 hours of throwing, listening to NPR, and having lunch, I ended up with 40 thrown bud vases. Now, I am always much more productive in my planning of the day than in my actual production, but I have almost come to accept the fact that I am a slow worker and tend to expect a lot more of myself than I actual achieve. Nevertheless, 4 hours and 40 bud vases later I head home for some Nolan time while Kara has an evening out.

Enough for now, more later on.