Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Firing da kiln (and not a moment too soon)

I'm sitting on Mr. Doug Dotson's porch "firing" the soda kiln in preparation for my studio sale this weekend.  So, tight timing as usual, fire today, cool tomorrow, and unload on Friday, clean kiln, clean pots, pack pots, unpack pots, price pots, place get the idea.  But, I am very exicted about this load, a further exploration of cone 6 soda firing, and I have some new forms for me testing out new glazes, new clay bodies, and new decorations.  So, you could say everything about this firing is tinged with excitement and wonder.  For the capitalism side of things, I do have some big old stein forms I thought would appeal to the Father's Day gift buying crowd, y'know for all of dad's beer, or in my dad's case coffee.  I have been thinking and working on some new cup forms, sort of a single lobe shape for those of you who are familiar with my double lobe cup shape.  Smaller, simpler and lower to the ground, I think I like these forms and I am hoping they turn out from this firing.  So, come on by the sale if you get a chance, and I'll try to post some images from the firing before I put the pots out for consumption.  I will leave you in the good hands of my kiln god(dess) Otis(sa) the Owl.

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