Monday, June 29, 2009

New Pictures (and some serious need of layout)

I just uploaded some new images of some of my newer work to my Flickr account.  You can click on the link in the sidebar "Various and Sundry Images of My Pots"  to see the new images.  I have some images from my last cone 6 soda firing, which was a very nice firing and one I would like to duplicate to the tee, as far as color, surface, and coverage of pots.  I've also got some pics of newer electric fired earthenware and stoneware pots.  

The sugar and creamer set is pretty exciting to
me and I'm pretty fond of the mug with the mushroom on it. 
The mug's glaze is called "Slopadon" and consists of all the glazes I wipe off when cleaning up glazes off unwanted areas.  So, with nothing added to it, I get this beautiful Korean (sort of)-esque celadon from my cone 5 electric firing.

I remember Shawn Ireland telling me about his Scrap Blue glaze and someone else telling me about Warren MacKenzie's  Shop Floor Blue, which was made up of all the glaze gathered from scraping up dried bits off the studio floor, mixing it together and throwing in some cobalt. Now that is utilizing down to the last drip.

Some of the photos have 2 orientations included, so if you have a chance to check out the pics let me know what you think works and what doesn't.  I feel like my friend Doug Dotson and I are getting closer and closer to some pretty nice images.  By 2020, Fancy Rondo Productions will be set up and open for business shooting digital (what's that in 2020?)  for the discerning craftspersons.   


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