Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Patch of Quiet

So, done with shows, exhibitions, and sales for a little while.  My next show is coming up in August, when I will be the featured potter at Lark and Key Boutique in Charlotte, NC.  I'll be working on some new pieces for this show and for a slew of sales, etc coming up in September.  I have some new images of work both earthenware and cone 6 soda fired stoneware that I will post soon.  Thanks to everyone who came out to my studio sale and DAG solo exhibition.  Now back to "Rescue Me".


  1. Ah...Lark and Key! My opening in next weekend the 3rd...to bad you can't come hang out and go get Indian with all us.
    Hope your little one is good.

  2. Ronan, all those pots look GREAT! You guys are nailing that cone 6 soda. Does Doug have any kind of online presence? I'd like to see what he's making too.