Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Additions

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! After a full day of food, family and chasing my little boy Nolan around, I figured it would be a good time for my mlog (monthly blog entry).

A lot has happened in the last little bit: I'm a daddy for the second time; Nov. 6 Milo Z. entered the world and has upset the delicate dance of my family's already full household. And, just today, I am an uncle for the first time, my brother and his wife welcomed Iris Jane to their family in Hendersonville, NC. So lots to be thankful for and the need for solid sleep has cast a wider net.

On the pottery front, I am part of a whole bunch of invitational shows and sales this holiday retail season. You can check the sidebar to the right for the show dates and links to the respective galleries and shops. These two pots I've included in this post were included in the Piedmont Craftsmen Crafts Fair last weekend. I was part of the Group Booth for the second tier of jurying to join PCI as an exhibiting member. Haven't heard back from the jury yet, but 3 pieces sold which is good on the cash flow front and also a good sign for the show (?). Hopefully, I will know something soon. I was a little disappointed to not be able to actually have a full booth at the show, but my little boy Milo was coming the weekend before and I thought it best to focus on the homefront.

My next big event is the Nine Toes Pottery Fourth Annual Holiday Pottery Sale on Saturday, December 12th, 10-4pm. I have a lot of pots in process right now, which I'm planning to have ready for the holiday sale. I have the second round of some new basket forms that I'm excited about, and also some new smaller mug forms. I've focused on mugs, cups, vases, and bowls to have available for those looking for gifts, but I also have a few larger pieces in my showroom to round out my presentation. Hope to see y'all at the sale, please spread the word and I'll try to put in another post before the sale. Directions to the studio are in the sidebar to the right, just scroll down until you find them. Happy holidays!

ps. Check out if you want to see some pics of my new baby boy.