Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Year's Last cone 6 Soda

Wanted to get some pics up from a cone 6 soda firing I did with Teresa Pietsch, Nancy Garrett, and a few pots of two of my students, Savannah Scarborough and Andy "Shake and Bake" Maynard. Overall, it was a great firing! No grodu in pots (except one cup of mine), no glaze running, super warm surfaces, nice orange peel in places. Great, great firing with a great group of friends. Now, if I could get them to come help clean up...(thanks Teresa for all the scraping!)
My pots are destined for the Kiln Gallery and Studio in Fairhope, Alabama. I have a solo show for the month of March 2011 in the gallery part and I'm teaching a cone 6 soda firing workshop near the end of the show. So, we figured I'd better have some cone 6 soda pots to show what things could look like! My normal studio work is cone 03 earthenware fired in an electric kiln, but I have been firing cone 6 soda at least twice a year for over five years now, and I have a good handle on some good clay bodies, slips, terra sigs, and glazes that are very responsive to the soda atmosphere. Check out the show in Alabama if you can, and let any interested parties know about the workshop, it should be a good one! Oh, my solo show follows an exhibition by Ron Meyers and Geoff Pickett, two potters whose work I love, and I'm also intrigued by the work of Maria Dondero, but I'm not that familiar with her pots. Check out the Kiln Studio for more info and images of said potters work.

Monday, November 29, 2010

5th Annual Holiday Sale

Really late getting this out, but this weekend, Dec. 3-5, I'll be having my 5th Annual Open Studio and Holiday Sale. I'm working on 2 new glaze loads to have ready for the weekend, with a few orders thrown in as well. I should have plenty of dinner plates, cups, bowls and pitchers on hand, as well as a new mug form and some new small cups. The sale starts Friday, Dec. 3, 6-9pm and continues Saturday, Dec. 4, 10-4pm and Sunday, Dec. 5, 12-4pm. There are directions to my studio along the right sidebar, or for you Tom-tom peeps, the address is #4 The Glen, CH, NC 27514 (not 27516 like on the postcard, yikes! who proofs these postcards?) and my phone number is (919) 225-6160 if you need info or directions.

I'm starting to get wind of ALL the events going on this weekend: Chatham County Studio Tour, Avery Pottery and Tile Works Sale, Bulldog Pottery Sale, and the TRAC Studio tour in the mountains of western NC (which if you go to, make sure to stop by the Energy Xchange and check out my friend Teresa Pietsch's new cone 6 reduction fired stoneware and porcelain, good stuff; and also Joy Tanner and Will Baker will have some great wood/soda fired functional stoneware). But, if you are staying in the Triangle, come by, bring a friend, and see my new gathering of earthenware vessels.

Also, I want to start spreading the word about some workshops I'll be leading in 2011. The first one coming up is part of the Pocosin Arts Center Cabin Fever Reliever (#11!) near the North Carolina coast. We will look at various surface enhancements and work on developing some unique and more personalized surface treatments for functional and sculptural ceramics. There is a link tied to the postcard image below, and if you know of anyone you think might be interested, please spread the word! It will be an awesome, intensive experience, or at least that is what I'm planning on. Check out the link, there are also a great offering of artists that I am very honored to be teaching with, including Lisa Clague and Bob Ebendorf. More on this later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Piedmont Coming

So, its a good idea to take a mini-vacation right in middle of crunch time, right? Quick trip to the beach to celebrate my wife's birthday and then back on the road to get back to my studio for some bisque firing...I'm headed to Winston-Salem, NC on Friday to show in the Piedmont Craftsmen Fall Fair and I'm planning on bisque firing the Sunday before. Sheesh, someone really needs to fire the Calendar guy at Nine Toes Pottery, wet work was supposed to end 2 weeks ago, with a leisurely, unstressed, nicely paced glazing, ahh, one can dream. Come on by Saturday 10-6 or Sunday 12-5pm and stop by my booth, H-6.

After PCI, and celebrating Thanksgiving, I'm opening up my studio for the 5th Annual Nine Toes Pottery Holiday Sale, December 3, 4, 5. The past few years, I've started the sale with a Friday night Opening Party, which has been quite a bit of fun (that's a lot coming from an introvert) and I have made a good chunk of my sales on the first night. We will see how this year goes, so far so good. I'll have some refreshements and plenty of pots on hand, including some new plates, small cups, and a new mug form I'm deeming my "Treesa" mug, after my friend Teresa, who I may or may not have borrowed the form from for a short while. One super good thing about the sale is that it gives me, or rather forces me, to get the studio cleaned and spiffed up, because I am one for piles and pathways through piles...has there been a potter's episode on "Hoarders"? So come on out, Friday, December 3, 6-9pm, Saturday, December 4, 10-4pm, and/or Sunday, December 5, 12-4pm and take care of those pottery lover's on your gift lists, or be nice to yourself, you deserve it. Here are some pics of some newer pots. I'm really digging the yellow jacket motif, and the lines on this platter excite me.

...and I wanted to include a shout-out to The Artisan Gallery in Northampton, MA, who always put on a good show and have a beautiful location in downtown Northampton. They were kind enough to invite me to this years "Consider the Cup" exhibit, and I was brazen enough to send them the cups late(r than the deadline, but they did get there a week before the opening, thank you). Looks like a great offering of cups by potters from all over.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art of the Cup

I was invited to participate in "Art of the Cup" an exhibition at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans, LA. I was flattered to be invited, and after looking at the list of other exhibitors, I would have to say that I am extremely honored to be included with such talented ceramic artists as Cynthia Bringle, Tom Spleth, Kyle Carpenter, just to name a few. Check out the blog for the Center for Southern Craft and Design at, which features a few pics of artists' work and some photos of the actual show are forthcoming. And, if you are in New Orleans this Fall/Winter, swing by and check out the show. Here is a pic of one of the cups that I sent, with the "new" Smokey Aubergine glaze.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cone 6 Shino Firing

We unloaded a cone 6 Shino kiln last night at Claymakers, and man, it was one of the best (if not the best for carbon-trapping) firings I have ever taken the helm of. The kiln was nearly dead even top to bottom in heat, reduction, and carbon trapping. All the students seemed to be pleased with the results, and I'm including a few pics of some of the awesome pots. Most everything had 1 of 7 shino glazes, either with slips and terra sigs underneath or some glaze layering, and few gems of just plain shino.

I'm also including 2 recipes for some "new" shinos we tested and had larger batches of for this past firing. The "CB4 Shino" is a revision of "Cherry Blossom Shino" that was included in a John Britt article including info garnered from Mudfire Studio in Decatur, GA. Our original "Cherry Blossom Shino" was shivering off when it was applied thick, so after some conversations with JB, my student Jenny and I mixed up some tests reducing the amount of Spodumene and adding amounts of F4 Soda Feldspar. We maintained the crazy carbon trapping quality of the original Cherry Blossom, but stabilized the shivering problem (so far) and got to name a glaze "CB4 Shino" (for all you Chris Rock fans out there!)

This pic to the right is the "CB4 Shino" on Highwater Clays Little Loafers clay...caaarrrraaazzzy carbon trap drama.

Plates to the right have (on left) "CB4 Shino" with wax resist pattern and Falls Creek Shino over glaze. (on right) Fruity Rondo Shino (orange) and CB4 Shino with overlap in middle.

So, overall great firing and a great celebration afterwards at Full Steam Brewery, if you are ever in Durham, NC, check out Full Steam, I recommend the Rocket Science I.P.A., but I am a hoppy hopperton.

CB4 Shino (Cherry Blossom Shino Variation #4)
Soda Ash 10
Nepheline Syenite 40
Spodumene 27
F4 Soda Feldspar 13
EPK 10

Fruity Rondo Shino cone 6-10 reduction/oxidation
Nepheline Syenite 42
Spodumene 7
OM4 Ball Clay 14
F4 Soda Feldspar 10
EPK 14
Soda Ash 10

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long Time Posting

So, it's been a long time since I posted, so a few updates are in order. The Pullen Arts Center Cone 6 Reduction Workshop was great, and with just 4 participants, everyone got A LOT of work in the kiln, between 25-30 pieces each. We had a great firing, with even reduction and temperature, and some great pots! Thanks to Antoinette, Colleen, Marilyn, and Pat for making the workshop happen.

The 3 Guys* Sale came and went very quickly, with some very nice pots walking out with their new owners the last weekend of September. Doug and Kelly both had good sales, and mine were a little behind what they usually are. Guess it was just my time, but I'm happy and thankful for all the people who did get some of my pots at the sale. We will see what happens the rest of this year with the Piedmont Craftsmen Fall Fair and my Nine Toes Pottery Studio Holiday Sale.

One quickly approaching thing I wanted to let people know about is my friend Blaine Avery's Fall Open House, which is happening this weekend. Blaine is in Seagrove, NC and has some really nice salt fired stoneware, reduction fired stoneware, and a line of low-fire tiles. His showroom/studio is great and he will have lots of nice pots on hand this weekend, so go ahead and check it out. You can go to for more info. Here are some images of Blaine's work:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three Guys* This Weekend

Late getting this out, and believe me, I've been trying to fit it in, but wanted to let y'all know about the 3 Guys* and Some Pottery Sale coming up this Friday-Sunday, September 24-26. Myself, Doug Dotson, and Kelly O'Briant will have a healthy assortment of handmade, functional potteries at the 8th Annual 3 Guys* and Some Pottery Sale, at Doug Dotson Pottery near Pittsboro, NC. The sale starts Friday, Sept. 24, with an Opening Party, 6-9pm. This is always a fun event, with refreshments and lots of conversation and visiting amidst pottery buying. The sale will continue Saturday, Sept 25, from 10-4pm and Sunday, Sept 26 from 12-4pm. I hope y'all can make it by and bring a friend if you are planning on coming. You can go to for directions and more details or check out the 3 Guys* and Some Pottery page on Facebook if you are so inclined.

I am planning on having three new kiln loads of work with what little I had left over from the PMI Sale at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. I have some new square and triangle bowls that I'm digging, as well as some of the Cut Bowls all today's kids are crazy about. I'm super excited to see what Mr. Dotson and Ms. O'Briant have come up with as well; they always have some stellar pots, in my extremely biased opinion.

I included both our proofs for the postcard announcement, both which turned out super thanks to Ann Parent and her graphic design skills. Hope to see y'all back to glazing!

...And one more plug, I'm teaching a workshop on enlivening ceramic surfaces for firing in electric kilns at Central Carolina Community College Clay Studio in Siler City, NC, October 9-10, 9-5pm. You can go to for more details.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Does a candle have three ends?

September is proving be a crazy month: 2 sales, anniversary, my son's, mother's and sister-in-law's birthdays, and a workshop in between. Whew!

So, gearing up for the Potters' Market Invitational Show at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC this weekend. This is an incredible show, with 40+ of North Carolina's best ceramic artists, and I'm honored to be part of it again this year. It's a bit nutty, somewhat of a buying frenzy like I have never seen, or at least in the past, hope this year holds up to memory. I've got some help to aid me in sales and wrapping pots, Teresa Pietsch and Ron Philbeck have volunteered to free me up a little bit amidst all the cash and pottery flying through the air. I jest, but also I do not. The sale is Saturday, September 11, 10-4pm, short and sweet and definitely something for pottery lovers to catch. Check out this link for more info:
Potters' Market Invitational 2010

I've included a few process photos of work I'll have at the Mint Sale. The blue jar is not mine, but is the image for this year's sale postcard. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Workshopping It!

So, we are entering the very, very busy season for Nine Toes Pottery (and daddy ronan, how do single parents do it all? especially potter single parents?) and just to keep things interesting and me on my toes (pun intended), I'm slotted to teach some workshops in North Carolina and Alabama.

The middle of September, I'm leading a workshop on Cone 6 Reduction Firing at Pullen Arts Center in Raleigh, NC. I started my teaching at Pullen so it will be a nice homecoming, and I think, if they so choose, the studio could transition over to cone 6 reduction firing fairly easily. The studio I teach at regularly, Claymakers, in Durham, NC, has transitioned over, and the firings have so far been great. We have great shinos, celadons, and temokus and Ana Howard, the studio manager, has found some great teadusts, copper reds, and fake ash glazes that are stunning at cone 6 reduction and different but great also in cone 6 electric. Come on over to Pullen for my workshop if you want to explore the world of cone 6 reduction. Check out the this link for more info.

Later in October, I'll be teaching a workshop titled "Scratching the Surface" focusing on lively surfaces for firing specifically in electric kilns, but applicable to all temperatures and atmospheres for kiln firing. This workshop will be at Central Carolina Community College Clay Studio in Siler City, NC, and will be a two day hands-on experience. I will cover a myriad of texturing, slipping, and glazing techniques which will cover working with terra sigs and taking advantage of micro-atmospheric effects found in electric kiln firings at cone 6.

Looking forward to 2011, in late February I'll be leading a workshop focusing on ceramic surfaces and personal mark making during the Cabin Fever Reliever XII at Pocosin Arts Center
in Columbia, NC, on the coast of North Carolina. Then in March, I'll book it on down to the gulf coast of Alabama for a solo show and workshop on Cone 6 Soda Firing at the Kiln Gallery and Studio.

...and (drumroll, please), I'm slotted to teach a workshop at Penland School of Crafts, next Spring/Summer, during 1st session, which I'm super flattered, honored, and excited about! The workshop will most likely focus on surface treatments, specifically for electric kilns. Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, July 30, 2010

cone 6 soda pics

So, the Claymaker's cone 6 soda firing was the best one that I have been involved in yet. We got great color, orange peel, glaze reaction, slip reaction, and the sigs looked great. We did fire hotter (cone 6 down, cone 7 at 1/4) and a little more reduced throughout the entire firing (always had 4-6" of flame back pressure out of our top spies/ports). We also sprayed more soda in this time, since Doug and I rebuilt the arch for this firing. So, our total soda ash was 3# to 3 gallons of hot water. Overall, I was super excited. Also tested some Standard clay bodies: the raku clay body (239?) was super receptive to the soda and was very orange, flashy and orange peely. Highwater Clays Bellas Blend was okay, definitely got glassy, but a little grey to white, not too much color.

Here are da pics, let me know what you think.

The one above is a mug by Mary Ann Peters, probably made from Highwater Clay's Helios porcelain. The mug has cone 6 Licorice glaze on it, which makes nice crystals in a nicely reduced and sodarific firing.

The pots above are: teapot- Highwater Clay's Little Loafers clay with Avery Bisque Slip; top bowl: Highwater Clay's P-5 porcelain with cone 6 New Tyler Amber glaze (nice teadust!) over slip trailing and an OM-4 terra sig; bottom bowl, Highwater Clay's Bellas Blend with cone 10 St. John's Black glaze.

Pot above: Teresa Pietsch's sweet little dotty vase, Highwater Clays Phoenix clay with Tile-6 slip (a revised version) and dots of Straw glaze. Good orange peel, sweet piece.

So, the shelves got the most soda. Above are some pots made from dark clays: Highwater Clay's Red Stone and Campbells Clay's Brick Red (bottom stacked bowls and tagine respectively)

...and the finale, a Nancy Garrett bottle made from Highwater Clay's Raku and put in the chimney flue area: heavy soda, super action.

Very excited about our results, and we continue to gather more information on clay bodies, slips, sigs, and glazes for cone 6 soda. If anyone is interested, I'm teaching a cone 6 soda firing workshop in Fairhope, AL, March 21-26, 2011 at the Kiln Gallery and Studio. More info later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cone 6 soda firing

Gearing up for a cone 6 soda firing this weekend with a crew from Claymakers. We have a good variety of work that I am very excited to see come out of the kiln. We have a large variety of clay bodies going into the firing and I'm planning on trying to get some different clay bodies tested, 4 or 5 different Standard bodies and Bella's Blend from Highwater Clays. Also, some new glaze tests going in, because really, are there ever enough choices? In our case, way too many choices, but I'm still testing those glazes. Really want to get some slip tests in, but may have to wait until next time. Wish us luck and I'll try and get some photos up in a couple of weeks.

Now, (past) time to get into my studio!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back from Floyd

Back in the Big Chap from the workshop at the Jacksonville Arts Center in Floyd, VA. Gotta say, Floyd is a very nice place and I miss it already. Floyd reminds me of Mitchell County, NC, where I grew up, only more crunchy and with a lot more hippies. All in all, a great place, and I highly recommend a visit. A great time to go is when the 16 Hands Studio Tour is going on. During Friday, our kiln cooling day, or as Ann put it as a "spoonerism": "coon-killin day", my class and I toured around Floyd and visited some of the 16 Hands artist studios. My class and I were very fortunate to meet and hang out with Ellen Shankin (pot at top), who has a beautiful house and showroom. We dropped by Silvie Granatelli's, who was away, but we were able to visit with her apprentices, Wendy and Sarah, who gave us a great tour and were patient with our questions while they tried to pack up for a show in town. We ended our tooling around at Rick Hensley (pot at bottom) and Donna Polsano's, who, once again, have beautiful showrooms, although Donna had zero/zilch/nada pots because she had sold out at the St. Croix Studio Tour Sale in Minnesota...congrats Donna! I'm looking forward to going back and delighted to know its only 2.5 hours away from Chapel Hill. Hoping to make the Fall 16 Hands sale and also dreaming about an invite to be part of the sale sometime in the future...just putting it out there for the universe to hear. Thanks to Ann, Antoinette, and Edith for a great workshop week and to Floyd and Floydians for providing such a great landscape to work in.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Before the Storm

Well, not really. But Kara, Nolan and Milo and I are chilling on Bald Head Island for a few days. Very nice, hopefully some good R&R before my workshop in Floyd, VA next week. I'll be at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts leading a workshop on enhancing ceramic surfaces. We will be looking at slipping, carving, sgraffito, inlay, mishima, sprigging, resists, terra sig, water carving, slip-trailing, glaze layering, wax resist patterning, etc. along with a myriad other techniques. There is still room, so if any of y'all are interested or know someone who is, you can go to

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earthenware Soda Unloading

So alot has happened in the last few weeks: 2 sales and lots of lack of sleep, so that will be my excuse for not getting images up and word out about the Claymakers low fire soda excursion. Overall, I was pleased with the firing. I think some of the students were a little disappointed because we did have quite a bit of dry whiteness, but there were also some real winners in the firing.

The front of the kiln was much cooler and less reduced than the middle or back. The pic above is the front stack after the firing. The middle of the kiln was way hotter (cone 1 flat, whereas cone 04 throughout the front and back of the kiln) and much more reduced, so we got really good glaze melt, slip flashing, and soda coverage in the middle stack. The back stack was a nice mix of the front and middle: not too hot, not too reduced, just right. Although, I will say the middle looked more like a typical (i.e. cone 6 or 10) soda firing whereas the front was one step away from firing in an electric kiln.

Here are all the pots laid out on the ground, we were able to get quite a few pots in this kiln load. We had a nice variety of sizes and shapes to help motivate the flame and soda distribution.

A couple of super sweet pitchers by one of the students, Lisa Brown. Her pitcher forms were in the middle and picked up some good color and soda glazing.

This final pic is of my "mimbres" inspired cross-eyed tadpole bowl. I really like it, and the interior is finished with terra sigs, however I remembered after firing it that I had made it out of a cone 6 red stoneware, so this pot is punky and still very absorbent. (I made a purple cabbage coleslaw in it and now its stained blue).

Like I said, overall I was very happy with the firing, but I would reduce more next time and also try and wait until some cone 1's are tipping, because in my eyes the middle of the kiln worked out the best. And the students who had work there were the lucky ones (Sorry Corinne!). Also, the clay body that got the most color and took soda was Highwater Clays Earthen Red, a fairly smooth clay body with a range of cone 06-5, so no worries with overfiring. I'm happy to send out sig, slip, and glaze recipes to anyone interested. Just let me know!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sale. This. Weekend!

In the final stretch here: glazing, cleaning, displaying, sprucing up Nine Toes Pottery for this weekend's 2nd Annual Happy Sprummer Sale. The sale starts with a Friday night party, June 11, 6-9pm and then continues on Saturday, June 12, 10-4pm. Directions are on the right sidebar.

Last year was my best sale to date, so despite my best efforts to keep expectations down, they are hovering way up in the stratosphere. One reason for my visions of grandeur is because of the pots that will be on hand. I'm super excited to have Noah Riedel as my guest artist, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he pulls out of his hat. He should have a great offering given that he took 2nd Place at last year's Strictly Functional National Ceramics Exhibition with one of his cool pitchers and that his show and obligation card are quickly filling up as people start to notice this guy knows what he is doing and what he is doing is good. Long story short: good guy, good pots, 'nuff said. And, I'm liking what's coming out of my kilns lately, too. I have some new "cut bowls" that I'm jazzed about, and some big ole' manly man tankards that would quench any gender's thirst in a big way. So, I hope to see some of you followers, and invite others to hang out, snack a little, and buy some pots on what will hopefully be a sunny, unseasonably cool day. See you there!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surface Enhancement in Floyd, VA

I'm teaching a workshop on surface enhancement for ceramic vessels at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts the last week of June. The Jacksonville Center is located in beautiful Floyd, Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains of the western part of the state. Idyllic and rural, Floyd also hosts the 16 Hands group, a circle of friends made up mostly of world renowned ceramicists including Sylvie Granatelli and Ellen Shankin. These guys do a sale every fall that has a large following and is very put together. I'm very excited to be teaching the workshop and spending some time in Floyd. So, come on up and join us if you are interested in learning (more) about sgraffito, inlay, terra sig, and many more ways to liven up vessels, especially those fired in electric kilns. Please pass along the word to anyone you think might be interested as well. Here is the link to the catalog/registration for the workshop: . Hope to see some of you there, it promises to be a great time in a great place!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postcards Are In

Postcards are in for my 2nd Annual Happy Sprummer Sale, and they look great! That is a relief after the bumpy ride of an order from, cancelled order, multiple phone calls, petty retribution...but still they have good prices and a good product 90% of the time. I'm posting the postcard now and will have it up again later. My guest artist is Noah Riedel, whose work I'm very excited about, especially for the show since it is such a counterpoint to my work. My theme for the sale is Quiet/Loud, which I think sums up the two bodies of work. More info and images on the way, but sure to save the date: Friday, June 11, 6-9pm and Saturday, June 12, 10-4pm.

Last weekend, Kara, da boys, Neaka and I travelled up to the western NC mountains for a Mother's Day visit with my mom and also to attend the opening reception for my show with Gillian Parke, "Contextures", at Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC. The show looks great, and those guys really know how to put on a shin-dig! If you are in that area, definitely stop by and check out the gallery, the show, and Bakersville in general. You can also check out the show online at I took a lot of new work with me to the opening, so if you see something you like that is on the website but is sold, ask those guys if they have something like it waiting in the wings. Oh, and Gillian has some awesome new tenmoku/decal work that blew me away! Just like that old P.S.A. for libraries: "(Books) Check 'em out!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Low Fire Soda

I'm very excited about the Earthenware Soda Firing class that started yesterday at Claymakers in Durham, NC. We have an intrepid crew of experimenters, rabble rousers, and all around open minds for the next month or so who will be making red clay pots for our soda firing may 30. Slipping and sigging will be the norm, with some brief forays into glazing. I'll keep y'all posted with our results and hopefully demonstrate that 1989 is not only a great year, but a great temperature for some atmospheric action.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Contextures" Show Weekend

Delivered the pots for this show last weekend in a quick visit to the NC mountains and a quick visit with family and a few friends. If we didn't see you, sorry, hard to get around to everybody on those curvy, mountain roads. Apparently, Crimson Laurel Gallery folks have already photographed the entire show and are planning on unleashing the ceramica on the populace come May 1, Saturday morning at 10 am.

I'm very excited about the work I have for the show, especially some "Cut Bowls", lots of promise there for pots to come. Also, I'm very excited to see Gillian's work. Apparently, she has some new surfaces and "windows" for her feldspar inclusions and decal work. Should be a great show, check it out online at and if you are in western NC on May 8th, come by the gallery for the Opening Reception starting at 6pm. Gillian and I both are planning on being there and we are helping usher in a new gallery space for the Gallery at large.

Also, going on that weekend is Michael Kline's Spring Kiln Opening Sale, which I am psyched to be able to attend (I hope! that's if the boys allow it!). Check out for more details.

Mother's Day weekend 2010 should prove to be a pottery lover's paradise, because there is nothing like Springtime and pottery in the mountains of North Carolina. So, bring your momma, bring your friends and come check out earthenware, porcelain and wood-fired stoneware in the sunshine and mountain air.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Containment and Contextures Sneak-Peek

I was able to shoot some images this weekend of some new work with my friends and fellow potters Doug Dotson and Teresa Pietsch. Doug has a great set-up in the living space above his studio and I think we got some great images this last go around. It's great having this space dedicated for image taking and Doug has played around a lot with his camera and the backdrop, lighting, etc., all of which I so greedily take advantage of. Check out Mr. Dotson's website at for some examples of his images/pots. I'm not sure if Teresa has put her new images up yet, but check out her website at

These images of some of my boxes are very similar to boxes I have in the "Containment" show at Crimson Laurel Gallery, which opens in 3 days I believe. I'm very excited to see all the pots and really applaude the CLG guys for getting the word out and building some buzz about the show. These images are of pots I'm almost completely positive that I will have in my show "Contextures" with Gillian Parke which opens May 1 at Crimson Laurel Gallery.

More words later, hope everyone is enjoying the inevitable Spring.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm honored to have been invited to be part of this star-studded ensemble cast of Box makers. This show will be online at but stop by and see the show in person if you are around Bakersville, NC in April and May.

Crimson Laurel Gallery will also host a two-person show featuring my work and Gillian Parke's very unique porcelain vessels May-June 2010. The opening reception for our show is set for Mother's Day weekend, Saturday, May 8. More info later, but put it on your calendar and come join us for the opening celebration!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last Second Reminder

So, the days got away from me. Just wanted to send out a last second reminder about my solo showing opening tonight at the Nature Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC. The reception lasts from 5-9pm and is part of Raleigh's First Fridays celebration. Hope to see some peeps there!

Also, very excited to be heading to the NC Potter's Conference this weekend. Bruce Cochrane and Sarah Jaeger are my 2 highlights for the weekend, and I'm interested in hearing Ayumie Horie's presentation on ceramics and the interweb. Now, if only the Heels could roll over Dook on Saturday...that would be nice.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Local Fund Raiser

Hope all you North Carolinians, or at least the mountain and piedmont folk, are enjoying all this snow. Studio time has been limited of late, due to sicknesses and the plain fact of having a 3 year old and almost 3 month old in the household.

Just wanted to send out a quick link to a fundraiser at the Chapel Hill Museum:
The event date is coming up soon, if you are interested check out the link, which goes directly to my donated piece.

Also, trying really hard to get a momentum going for making work for my solo show in Raleigh at the Nature Art Museum. Getting pieces done in fits and starts at this point, but excited about what is coming out. The show title is "Stumps and Stones" and I will post more info soon.

Stay dry and warm!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

Well, a lot of time has passed since my last post. Holidays have come and gone and my little boy Milo is 2 months old and getting nice and fat and starting to smile and engage those around him. I have been M.I.A. from the studio since my holiday sale, and I'm in dire need of getting back. I have a solo show come March at the Nature Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC at the Museum of Natural History, and lots of ideas for some new, larger work. So, like I said, dire need. More on this later.

Before then, however, I wanted to let y'all know about a show I helped put together for the Claymakers Invites series at Claymakers Gallery/Studio in Durham, NC. The show is called "Asheville in the Bull City" and includes Asheville, NC area potters William Baker, Patty Bilbro, Kyle Carpenter, Karen Newgard, and Lindsay Rogers. The show opens January 15, 6-9pm and runs through March 2010. This will be a great gathering of some of the best ceramic work western North Carolina has to offer. Come on by the opening if you have the chance, and meet the artists, or stop in Claymakers if you are in the Durham area during the show. You can go to for directions and more info on the show.