Monday, March 29, 2010

Containment and Contextures Sneak-Peek

I was able to shoot some images this weekend of some new work with my friends and fellow potters Doug Dotson and Teresa Pietsch. Doug has a great set-up in the living space above his studio and I think we got some great images this last go around. It's great having this space dedicated for image taking and Doug has played around a lot with his camera and the backdrop, lighting, etc., all of which I so greedily take advantage of. Check out Mr. Dotson's website at for some examples of his images/pots. I'm not sure if Teresa has put her new images up yet, but check out her website at

These images of some of my boxes are very similar to boxes I have in the "Containment" show at Crimson Laurel Gallery, which opens in 3 days I believe. I'm very excited to see all the pots and really applaude the CLG guys for getting the word out and building some buzz about the show. These images are of pots I'm almost completely positive that I will have in my show "Contextures" with Gillian Parke which opens May 1 at Crimson Laurel Gallery.

More words later, hope everyone is enjoying the inevitable Spring.

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