Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sale. This. Weekend!

In the final stretch here: glazing, cleaning, displaying, sprucing up Nine Toes Pottery for this weekend's 2nd Annual Happy Sprummer Sale. The sale starts with a Friday night party, June 11, 6-9pm and then continues on Saturday, June 12, 10-4pm. Directions are on the right sidebar.

Last year was my best sale to date, so despite my best efforts to keep expectations down, they are hovering way up in the stratosphere. One reason for my visions of grandeur is because of the pots that will be on hand. I'm super excited to have Noah Riedel as my guest artist, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he pulls out of his hat. He should have a great offering given that he took 2nd Place at last year's Strictly Functional National Ceramics Exhibition with one of his cool pitchers and that his show and obligation card are quickly filling up as people start to notice this guy knows what he is doing and what he is doing is good. Long story short: good guy, good pots, 'nuff said. And, I'm liking what's coming out of my kilns lately, too. I have some new "cut bowls" that I'm jazzed about, and some big ole' manly man tankards that would quench any gender's thirst in a big way. So, I hope to see some of you followers, and invite others to hang out, snack a little, and buy some pots on what will hopefully be a sunny, unseasonably cool day. See you there!

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