Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cone 6 soda firing

Gearing up for a cone 6 soda firing this weekend with a crew from Claymakers. We have a good variety of work that I am very excited to see come out of the kiln. We have a large variety of clay bodies going into the firing and I'm planning on trying to get some different clay bodies tested, 4 or 5 different Standard bodies and Bella's Blend from Highwater Clays. Also, some new glaze tests going in, because really, are there ever enough choices? In our case, way too many choices, but I'm still testing those glazes. Really want to get some slip tests in, but may have to wait until next time. Wish us luck and I'll try and get some photos up in a couple of weeks.

Now, (past) time to get into my studio!

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