Friday, July 30, 2010

cone 6 soda pics

So, the Claymaker's cone 6 soda firing was the best one that I have been involved in yet. We got great color, orange peel, glaze reaction, slip reaction, and the sigs looked great. We did fire hotter (cone 6 down, cone 7 at 1/4) and a little more reduced throughout the entire firing (always had 4-6" of flame back pressure out of our top spies/ports). We also sprayed more soda in this time, since Doug and I rebuilt the arch for this firing. So, our total soda ash was 3# to 3 gallons of hot water. Overall, I was super excited. Also tested some Standard clay bodies: the raku clay body (239?) was super receptive to the soda and was very orange, flashy and orange peely. Highwater Clays Bellas Blend was okay, definitely got glassy, but a little grey to white, not too much color.

Here are da pics, let me know what you think.

The one above is a mug by Mary Ann Peters, probably made from Highwater Clay's Helios porcelain. The mug has cone 6 Licorice glaze on it, which makes nice crystals in a nicely reduced and sodarific firing.

The pots above are: teapot- Highwater Clay's Little Loafers clay with Avery Bisque Slip; top bowl: Highwater Clay's P-5 porcelain with cone 6 New Tyler Amber glaze (nice teadust!) over slip trailing and an OM-4 terra sig; bottom bowl, Highwater Clay's Bellas Blend with cone 10 St. John's Black glaze.

Pot above: Teresa Pietsch's sweet little dotty vase, Highwater Clays Phoenix clay with Tile-6 slip (a revised version) and dots of Straw glaze. Good orange peel, sweet piece.

So, the shelves got the most soda. Above are some pots made from dark clays: Highwater Clay's Red Stone and Campbells Clay's Brick Red (bottom stacked bowls and tagine respectively)

...and the finale, a Nancy Garrett bottle made from Highwater Clay's Raku and put in the chimney flue area: heavy soda, super action.

Very excited about our results, and we continue to gather more information on clay bodies, slips, sigs, and glazes for cone 6 soda. If anyone is interested, I'm teaching a cone 6 soda firing workshop in Fairhope, AL, March 21-26, 2011 at the Kiln Gallery and Studio. More info later.


  1. Nice job Ronan. Who needs cone 10?

  2. Sweet, Ronan - they look wonderful.

  3. Mmmmmmmmm... I like where this is head'n.

  4. Very beautiful works and firing, amazing effects on little red bottles,