Friday, October 22, 2010

Cone 6 Shino Firing

We unloaded a cone 6 Shino kiln last night at Claymakers, and man, it was one of the best (if not the best for carbon-trapping) firings I have ever taken the helm of. The kiln was nearly dead even top to bottom in heat, reduction, and carbon trapping. All the students seemed to be pleased with the results, and I'm including a few pics of some of the awesome pots. Most everything had 1 of 7 shino glazes, either with slips and terra sigs underneath or some glaze layering, and few gems of just plain shino.

I'm also including 2 recipes for some "new" shinos we tested and had larger batches of for this past firing. The "CB4 Shino" is a revision of "Cherry Blossom Shino" that was included in a John Britt article including info garnered from Mudfire Studio in Decatur, GA. Our original "Cherry Blossom Shino" was shivering off when it was applied thick, so after some conversations with JB, my student Jenny and I mixed up some tests reducing the amount of Spodumene and adding amounts of F4 Soda Feldspar. We maintained the crazy carbon trapping quality of the original Cherry Blossom, but stabilized the shivering problem (so far) and got to name a glaze "CB4 Shino" (for all you Chris Rock fans out there!)

This pic to the right is the "CB4 Shino" on Highwater Clays Little Loafers clay...caaarrrraaazzzy carbon trap drama.

Plates to the right have (on left) "CB4 Shino" with wax resist pattern and Falls Creek Shino over glaze. (on right) Fruity Rondo Shino (orange) and CB4 Shino with overlap in middle.

So, overall great firing and a great celebration afterwards at Full Steam Brewery, if you are ever in Durham, NC, check out Full Steam, I recommend the Rocket Science I.P.A., but I am a hoppy hopperton.

CB4 Shino (Cherry Blossom Shino Variation #4)
Soda Ash 10
Nepheline Syenite 40
Spodumene 27
F4 Soda Feldspar 13
EPK 10

Fruity Rondo Shino cone 6-10 reduction/oxidation
Nepheline Syenite 42
Spodumene 7
OM4 Ball Clay 14
F4 Soda Feldspar 10
EPK 14
Soda Ash 10


  1. Hoping you'd be willing to share your firing schedule? How early did you start reducing? Were you able to repeat the carbon trapping in other firings?

    Thanks and any response appreciated,


  2. Hello,
    Looks like a great firing! I wanted to ask a question concerning the last photo (5th photo) in this blog post. Could you please share the glaze(s) that are on the large tea bowl to the photo to the right? I would greatly appreciate it! This is the exact kind of glaze recipe I am looking for.
    Thank you,