Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long Time Posting

So, it's been a long time since I posted, so a few updates are in order. The Pullen Arts Center Cone 6 Reduction Workshop was great, and with just 4 participants, everyone got A LOT of work in the kiln, between 25-30 pieces each. We had a great firing, with even reduction and temperature, and some great pots! Thanks to Antoinette, Colleen, Marilyn, and Pat for making the workshop happen.

The 3 Guys* Sale came and went very quickly, with some very nice pots walking out with their new owners the last weekend of September. Doug and Kelly both had good sales, and mine were a little behind what they usually are. Guess it was just my time, but I'm happy and thankful for all the people who did get some of my pots at the sale. We will see what happens the rest of this year with the Piedmont Craftsmen Fall Fair and my Nine Toes Pottery Studio Holiday Sale.

One quickly approaching thing I wanted to let people know about is my friend Blaine Avery's Fall Open House, which is happening this weekend. Blaine is in Seagrove, NC and has some really nice salt fired stoneware, reduction fired stoneware, and a line of low-fire tiles. His showroom/studio is great and he will have lots of nice pots on hand this weekend, so go ahead and check it out. You can go to for more info. Here are some images of Blaine's work:

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