Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Workshopping It!

So, we are entering the very, very busy season for Nine Toes Pottery (and daddy ronan, how do single parents do it all? especially potter single parents?) and just to keep things interesting and me on my toes (pun intended), I'm slotted to teach some workshops in North Carolina and Alabama.

The middle of September, I'm leading a workshop on Cone 6 Reduction Firing at Pullen Arts Center in Raleigh, NC. I started my teaching at Pullen so it will be a nice homecoming, and I think, if they so choose, the studio could transition over to cone 6 reduction firing fairly easily. The studio I teach at regularly, Claymakers, in Durham, NC, has transitioned over, and the firings have so far been great. We have great shinos, celadons, and temokus and Ana Howard, the studio manager, has found some great teadusts, copper reds, and fake ash glazes that are stunning at cone 6 reduction and different but great also in cone 6 electric. Come on over to Pullen for my workshop if you want to explore the world of cone 6 reduction. Check out the this link for more info.

Later in October, I'll be teaching a workshop titled "Scratching the Surface" focusing on lively surfaces for firing specifically in electric kilns, but applicable to all temperatures and atmospheres for kiln firing. This workshop will be at Central Carolina Community College Clay Studio in Siler City, NC, and will be a two day hands-on experience. I will cover a myriad of texturing, slipping, and glazing techniques which will cover working with terra sigs and taking advantage of micro-atmospheric effects found in electric kiln firings at cone 6.

Looking forward to 2011, in late February I'll be leading a workshop focusing on ceramic surfaces and personal mark making during the Cabin Fever Reliever XII at Pocosin Arts Center
in Columbia, NC, on the coast of North Carolina. Then in March, I'll book it on down to the gulf coast of Alabama for a solo show and workshop on Cone 6 Soda Firing at the Kiln Gallery and Studio.

...and (drumroll, please), I'm slotted to teach a workshop at Penland School of Crafts, next Spring/Summer, during 1st session, which I'm super flattered, honored, and excited about! The workshop will most likely focus on surface treatments, specifically for electric kilns. Stay tuned for more details.