Monday, November 29, 2010

5th Annual Holiday Sale

Really late getting this out, but this weekend, Dec. 3-5, I'll be having my 5th Annual Open Studio and Holiday Sale. I'm working on 2 new glaze loads to have ready for the weekend, with a few orders thrown in as well. I should have plenty of dinner plates, cups, bowls and pitchers on hand, as well as a new mug form and some new small cups. The sale starts Friday, Dec. 3, 6-9pm and continues Saturday, Dec. 4, 10-4pm and Sunday, Dec. 5, 12-4pm. There are directions to my studio along the right sidebar, or for you Tom-tom peeps, the address is #4 The Glen, CH, NC 27514 (not 27516 like on the postcard, yikes! who proofs these postcards?) and my phone number is (919) 225-6160 if you need info or directions.

I'm starting to get wind of ALL the events going on this weekend: Chatham County Studio Tour, Avery Pottery and Tile Works Sale, Bulldog Pottery Sale, and the TRAC Studio tour in the mountains of western NC (which if you go to, make sure to stop by the Energy Xchange and check out my friend Teresa Pietsch's new cone 6 reduction fired stoneware and porcelain, good stuff; and also Joy Tanner and Will Baker will have some great wood/soda fired functional stoneware). But, if you are staying in the Triangle, come by, bring a friend, and see my new gathering of earthenware vessels.

Also, I want to start spreading the word about some workshops I'll be leading in 2011. The first one coming up is part of the Pocosin Arts Center Cabin Fever Reliever (#11!) near the North Carolina coast. We will look at various surface enhancements and work on developing some unique and more personalized surface treatments for functional and sculptural ceramics. There is a link tied to the postcard image below, and if you know of anyone you think might be interested, please spread the word! It will be an awesome, intensive experience, or at least that is what I'm planning on. Check out the link, there are also a great offering of artists that I am very honored to be teaching with, including Lisa Clague and Bob Ebendorf. More on this later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Piedmont Coming

So, its a good idea to take a mini-vacation right in middle of crunch time, right? Quick trip to the beach to celebrate my wife's birthday and then back on the road to get back to my studio for some bisque firing...I'm headed to Winston-Salem, NC on Friday to show in the Piedmont Craftsmen Fall Fair and I'm planning on bisque firing the Sunday before. Sheesh, someone really needs to fire the Calendar guy at Nine Toes Pottery, wet work was supposed to end 2 weeks ago, with a leisurely, unstressed, nicely paced glazing, ahh, one can dream. Come on by Saturday 10-6 or Sunday 12-5pm and stop by my booth, H-6.

After PCI, and celebrating Thanksgiving, I'm opening up my studio for the 5th Annual Nine Toes Pottery Holiday Sale, December 3, 4, 5. The past few years, I've started the sale with a Friday night Opening Party, which has been quite a bit of fun (that's a lot coming from an introvert) and I have made a good chunk of my sales on the first night. We will see how this year goes, so far so good. I'll have some refreshements and plenty of pots on hand, including some new plates, small cups, and a new mug form I'm deeming my "Treesa" mug, after my friend Teresa, who I may or may not have borrowed the form from for a short while. One super good thing about the sale is that it gives me, or rather forces me, to get the studio cleaned and spiffed up, because I am one for piles and pathways through piles...has there been a potter's episode on "Hoarders"? So come on out, Friday, December 3, 6-9pm, Saturday, December 4, 10-4pm, and/or Sunday, December 5, 12-4pm and take care of those pottery lover's on your gift lists, or be nice to yourself, you deserve it. Here are some pics of some newer pots. I'm really digging the yellow jacket motif, and the lines on this platter excite me.

...and I wanted to include a shout-out to The Artisan Gallery in Northampton, MA, who always put on a good show and have a beautiful location in downtown Northampton. They were kind enough to invite me to this years "Consider the Cup" exhibit, and I was brazen enough to send them the cups late(r than the deadline, but they did get there a week before the opening, thank you). Looks like a great offering of cups by potters from all over.