Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cone 6...Wood!

Thanks to everyone who made it to last weekend's sale. It went great and lots of nice pots found nice homes. Now time for some
R & R...after this weekend's cone 6 wood firing at the Energy Exchange in Mitchell (or is it Yancey?) County, near Penland, NC.
My friend Teresa Pietsch, who is a resident there, organized a cone 6 wood firing in the Pallet Eater Heater wood kiln and I will have quite a bit of work in this experimental firing, for us that is. Another new thing for me, is that we will be get directional effects, which I haven't really done a whole lot of. So, super excited and I'll try to post some pics soon, that is if things turn out!

Happy Holidays everyone! See you on the flip side.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fresh cookies and funky fly fresh potteries

6th Annual Holiday Open Studio Sale this weekend

December 9, Friday, 6 - 9 pm

December 10, Saturday, 10 - 4 pm

December 11, Sunday, 12 - 4 pm

Now that is a big stein!

Come on by for some cookies, drinks, 
and a whole lotta pots fresh out of the kiln.

Hope to see you there and Happy Holidays!

Directions to the studio 
(#4 The Glen, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514) 
are along the right sidebar

(919) 225 - 6160

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cup Shows Runneth Over

        So this Fall season has a overwhelming offering of cups and cup shows. I think Michael Kline said that he is in 4 shows, all focusing on cups. I have been invited to 3 and I wanted to let y'all know about them.  

The first is Cup:  The Intimate Object VII, an invitational exhibition by Charlie Cummings Gallery in Florida.  This is one incredible show, that opened earlier this week.  With around 600 cups, not only is it a massive showing of work but a technical feat to pull it off, and with such panache.  This show has the best ad that I have seen, I think ever, because I think it really draws out the hand of the user and the experience of an "intimate object".  The photo of Lindsay Rogers connects the handmade cup to the hand of the maker/to the hand of the user, which I think maybe a lot of show announcements still rely on the "this is the work" model.  I applaude Charlie's graphic designer and the concept of this ad, simply great!  Here is the link if you would like to check the show out:  Charlie Cummings Gallery.

                                                                                                                     Another great show of cups just opened online at Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC.  This show is entitled "Interpreting the Cup:  Process, Influence and Intent" and was curated by Jason Burnett.  There are a lot of great cups that run the spectrum from sculptural to functional.  Jason did a great job, and I am honored to be part of the show.  Check out the link:  Crimson Laurel Gallery.  Below is an image of one of my cups in the show, part of my new blue series, which I am pretty excited about and peeps have been responding to very positively.

And finally, my third cup show (actually 4th this year, earlier in the summer Carbondale Clay Center had a great show called "Pairings", which had local wineries and breweries pairing up show vessels with complementary beverages) is at The Artisan Gallery in Northampton, MA.   This show is titled "Consider the Cup:  Cup and Mug Invitational" and I do believe this is the 4th year.  My cups for this show are in the kiln as I type, heating up and hopefully doing wonderful things.  I have been in this show before, and I am very grateful to have sold well and be invited back to join an incredible list of ceramic artists.  Check out this link:  The Artisan Gallery.  The show opens next Friday, November 11, and I'll be rushing and packing my work to ship out early next week (Sorry, I'm late, Chuck and Patty!).

So, no shortage of opportunities to buy and admire vessels for your beverages, hope you find a favorite and support some lucky ceramic artist this Fall!  Autumnal blessings to everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

3 Guys* Landing in Chatham County!

Just a quick note to remind folks about the 3 Guys* and Some Pottery Sale this weekend, Friday, September 23 6-9pm, Saturday, September 24, 10-4pm and Sunday, September 25, 12-4pm.  You can go to for more details and/or check out the 3 Guys* and Some Pottery Facebook page.  I'm including some teasers of the pots that will be around this weekend.  Come join me, Doug, Michael and Naomi for a fun time, refreshments and lots of nice potteries!    

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Very Full September

Long time posting, and not too much to say, except that I am under the gun to get work finished for the Mint Museum's 7th Annual Potter's Market Invitational next weekend, Saturday, September 10, 10-4 pm. I'm planning on having a good variety of pots, with a new "cooler" color combination, a blue terra sig with a rich, green translucent glaze. Pretty excited about this new palette.  I'm also excited to be invited for the fourth year in a row to be among 40 of North Carolina's best ceramic artists.  Come by and bring some friends. Check out for more details.

Another big event coming up very soon is the 9th Annual Three Guys* and Some Pottery Sale at Doug Dotson Pottery near Pittsboro, NC.  The sale includes the work of myself, Doug Dotson and our special guests this year, Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish of Bandana Pottery.  We are very excited that Michael and Naomi are joining for this year's sale, because they make such great work and they are great people to hang around with.  They are talking about having a klezmer concert for our Friday night Opening Reception, which should be a nice addition to the Chatham County evening.  The sale takes place Friday, September 23, 6-9p.m, Saturday, September 24, 10-4pm, and Sunday, September 25, 12-4pm.  Check out for more details and directions.  Come on down and bring a friend, we will have refreshments, great pots and possibly klezmer music the entire weekend! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Solo at Mudfire

Just a quick note about my solo show at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur, GA. The preview is online now at and the show officially opens July 23, for purchasing and such sundry activities. Check it out and please let me know what you think. These images are some new pots for me that are in the show, Square Serving Plate and Sugar Sphere. The Sugar Sphere came about from me hating the sugar jar we were using, and I have one that I really enjoy using and I like the looks of it, too.

I also have a workshop called "Altered States" the last weekend in July which will focus on alterings forms and building up interesting surfaces on functional vessels. More info at
Kathy King also has a preview show online at Mudfire Gallery, so be sure to check her out, too. She does incredibly awesome scritchy-scratchy drawings and patterns in a wood cut or linoleum cut style on her ceramic vessels and sculptures, and also works in the vein of adult comics artists. One of my favorite ceramic artists working today! (and everyday)

Also, 3 things of note going on this weekend, Friday, 7/15, Saturday, 7/16 and Sunday 7/17 are:

1) "Exchange" show opening at Claymakers in Durham, NC, Friday 7/15, 6-9 pm. Exciting showing a work by Teresa Pietsch, Joy Tanner, Deb Harris, Marsha Kitkowski and Stephanie Martin. Check out for more details and images.

2) My friend and excellent porcelain potter Kelly O'Briant is having a studio clearing sale with her husband Matthew Thomason in Julian, NC. She is starting grad school at Arizona State University in a few months and is having a massive sale before she heads out. The sale is this weekend, Friday, 7/15, Saturday, 7/16 and Sunday, 7/17. Check out for more details.

3) and finally another not to be missed event/sale is the Bandana Pottery annual home sale, Saturday 7/16 and Sunday 7/17. This sale includes the woodfired pottery of Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish with special guest Shawn Ireland. This work is incredible, very contemporary but with inspiration and roots grown deep in folk pottery traditions the world 'round. Check out for more details.

Happy July day, and hopefully you are having the same cool spell we are having here in Chapel Hill, NC.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easing into Summer

So, a few weeks back from Penland and I am still recovering. I had a great time, and it seemed like the students were having fun, too. Thanks to Mark and Teresa for working so hard and helping the workshop run smoothly, and also to all the hard work the students put in as well. Here is a pic of some cups my student Kelly Goodman Daniels made during the class. She and the other students did an excellent job of taking techniques I showed and applying them to their own style of working. Check out Dancing Clay Pottery to see more of Kelly's work and read about her ceramic journey.

It was my first trip back to the Penland campus (besides dropping off pots at Penland Gallery, which is slightly removed from the campus proper) since I left around 2003, and it was a great homecoming. I was honored to be teaching at the same time as the teacher of my first concentration as a Core student at Penland, Sandi Perantozzi, and also one of my clay heroes, Holly Walker. We weren't able to have a lot of interplay between the classes, but Kara and I were able to have quite a few meals with Sandi, her husband Neal, and Holly, which was so nice for catching up. After getting back, I had a few days of rest but also had to get back to work for some Summer shows and galleries that needed stocking up.

I was super excited to get invited by friend and master potter Ron Philbeck to the Carbondale Clay Center's "Pairings" show, where local breweries and wineries paired up their beverages with appropriate drinking vessels sent from potters from all over the U.S. CCC also chose my images for a good deal of the publicity of the show, which I am very thankful for, its always nice for the ego and hopefully sales to see your images out in the world! Check out this link to see some images of work from the show:

Also, I received a phone call months back with an invitation to be part of a show/sale on the west coast at Crow Valley Pottery, which I think is the farthest out that I have sent my work. I am super excited to be in the show, but let me tell you, shipping 30 pots across the U.S., double boxed and insured via UPS, is pretty pricey. So hopefully some (all!) of that work will sell or at least get a good response and help spread the good word about Nine Toes Pottery. Here are some pics of the postcard, which both Ron Philbeck and I have prime real estate on. You can click on the images to link up to the Crow Valley website.

...and finally, I am working towards a spotlight show at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur (Atlanta), GA which will be up and online I believe sometime in July...will keep you posted...and also, workshop at Mudfire Studio on altering pots and interesting surfaces which takes place while my show is up. Check out Mudfire Gallery/Studio for more details.

Wanted to note that I am typing this while on vacation, courtesy of a sleeping little boy and my lobster red back because I forgot sunscreen...oh well, more words coming soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, long time not posting, but finally made it up to Penland area to stay with my folks for a few days, tie up some loose pottery ends, drop off pots at Penland Gallery and Crimson Laurel Gallery, and try and hang with my boys and bolster my faltering confidence. I know it should be good, but little plaguing doubts nip at my earlobes like Piedmont mosquitoes, and just as annoying. Pre-Penland Sale was a little down for me in comparison to my past Spring/Summer sales, but Teresa did well and was very proud of her best grand total solely from pottery sales.

My workshop at Penland starts tomorrow night, and I've already heard from a few of the students. Seems like a good bunch so far. Very excited that my wifey Kara gets to take a class; she signed up for a textiles class which involves crocheting and knitting with non-traditional materials, sounds pretty cool. Also, excited to have Teresa Pietsch as my assistant and Mark Errol, from Florida. I'm looking forward to meeting Mark, and I'm very interested in seeing him work. Check out MarkisMud to see some of Mark's ceramic (and other media) work.

Hope to get to visit with a few of the Penland folk, but time it tight and I have a lot of ground to cover, hopefully with student interest.

So, wish me luck, and here is my crew that will help instill confidence and valor...or at least some silliness and giggle time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pre-Penland and Happy Spring Open Studio Sale

Back from Floyd, VA from the "Scratching the Surface" workshop on various approaches to surface for firing in electric kilns, specific to this workshop, at cone 6. It was a great workshop, with a great group of folks who tried everything I demonstrated and had a great sense of community and experimentation. The only low point was a glaze that applied way too thin, Pete's Weathered Bronze, which normally is a pretty easy glaze to use, but something was fishy in my bucket. And we did have a kiln that slightly underfired, but overall everyone went home with one or two nice pieces and a head full of techniques and a new found love of red terra sigallatta.

Now I'm gearing up for the Nine Toes Pottery Pre-Penland/Happy Spring Open Studio Sale coming up May 13-14, which will include my good friend Teresa Pietsch's methane fired cone 6 stoneware. I've included some pics of her stellar work, especially like the Rainy Day, Umbrella Mugs and also the postcard image, which I think works right nicely. More details to come, but for now, stop on by Nine Toes Pottery Friday, May 13, 6-9 pm and Saturday, May 14, 10-4 pm. Directions are along the right sidebar on this site. Come help us celebrate the much anticipated arrival of Spring and the upcoming Penland School of Crafts "Terra Cotta Throwdown" workshop, May 29-June 10, that Teresa will be assisting me with.

Here is a detail of one of Teresa's cups and an image of her Rainy Day, Umbrella Mugs

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Belated Vases

March definitely came and went, lion and lioness, lamb and ram, and now April blows in with some 80 degree weather in Chapel Hill. I just got back from a workshop in Fairhope, Alabama, on cone 6 soda firing, with a side focus on interesting surfaces in cone 6 electric. The workshop was great and I met some awesome folks, we had a great firing in Susie Bowman's soda kiln, but really the students mostly wanted cone 6 electric fun. So, I'm pretty sure, from now on, my workshops will focus on interesting surfaces from electric kilns, both at cone 03 and cone 6 (with some side ventures into soda firing!)

I wanted to get the word out about a couple of vase shows I have work in. "Sharing the Stage: Contemporary Vases" at the Artisan Gallery in Northampton, MA has an impressive line-up of potters/ceramic artists). Check out the poster below, and especially chech out Missy McCormick's awesome earthenware atmospheric vase in the lower right corner; she is one of my current favorites!

Also, I have some bud vases and a new "Caterpillar Vase" in "Vases of Spring" at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, MA (is that "Wooster"?) which I am very excited about. If you are up in the northeast, check it out!


last week of April, "Scratching the Surface", ceramic surfaces workshop at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, VA

May 13, 14, 15 Nine Toes Pottery early Sprummer/pre-Penland Open Studio and Sale, details forming, shaping up and forthcoming

May 6 Meet the artist, Greenhill Center Gallery Shop, Greensboro, NC

May 29-June 10 "Terra Cotta Throwdown" workshop at Penland School of Crafts

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Long Time Coming

Long time no read or write, I know, but finally getting together a new blog post (maybe should call it the bimlog post (bi-monthly)). So a lot has happened for Nine Toes Pottery in January and February and the next six months are pretty hairy, too.

The "quiet/LOUD" show at Claymakers in Durham, NC looks great and is up for another week, until March 11. The show includes my work and the work of Sasha Bakaric and Noah Riedel. The concept of the show is to pair up the loudness or complicated color and surface textures of my work with the paired down, designed and earthy vessels of Noah, with the simple forms but complicated and quirky surface drawings of Sasha to bridge the two poles. I think the show looks great and sales have been good...for Sasha and Noah, a little slow for me, but sometimes that can be a blessing, because I need pots for other upcoming shows. Sometimes things do work out for the overall good.

I was the featured potter at Lark and Key Gallery in Charlotte, NC for February, and it seems that sales were good there. They still have a pretty good selection of work from the featured show. Then in later February, I journeyed to Columbia, NC to lead a workshop during the Pocosin Arts Cabin Fever Reliever XI retreat on surface enhancement for ceramic vessels called "Scratching the Surface". It was a great workshop! 10 students for me, my friend Teresa Pietsch helped me as my assistant, we covered a lot of techniques and aesthetic approaches and Lisa Clague was teaching at the retreat too! I love her work and it was good to have a few friendly words with her and her students. I'm hoping to get a blog post together about the workshop before December, but we will see how it goes.

Now, the big news for March is my solo show at the Kiln Gallery in Fairhope, Alabama, which also concludes with a cone 6 soda firing workshop at the Kiln Studio and Susie Bowman's studio. My solo show work is 75% earthenware, my normal studio fare, and 25% soda fired stoneware, which I have been exploring for over 5 years now, firing to cone 6 in a soda kiln and gathering info on clay bodies, glazes, slips, and terra sigs that work well in the atmospheric environment. Some new forms for me are the "Sugar Sphere and Creamy Chicken" sugar and creamer set (I may change the name to "Sugar Sphere and the Lil Creamer") which I wish I had images of, because I have been super excited about them...but sometimes the things I get most excited about are really viable for the marketplace...but I still get excited about them! Pics coming soon. So, if you are in the Gulf Coast area, go check out the show, or if you know some pottery lovers there, please spread the word. The show opened last night, Friday, March 4, but there is an opening reception next Friday, March 11 and the show runs through Saturday, March 26. Here are the postcard images for the show and the workshop flyer:

Also, for March, I'm getting new work to Crimson Laurel Gallery and Penland Gallery for their Spring reopenings. Also, 2 large lidded boxes (if they make it through the firing, fingers crossed) for CLG's "Containment II" show which opens later in the Spring. And some work to Cedar Creek Gallery for their Spring Kiln Opening Festival.

Looking ahead:
April 25-29, "Scratching the Surface" ceramic surface enhancement workshop at the Jacksonville Arts Center in Floyd, VA

May 29-June 10, "Terra Cotta Throwdown" workshop focusing on earthenware and juiced up surfaces, Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC

July 29-31, "Altered States", altered forms and surface treatments, Mudfire Studio, Decatur, GA

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Call for Pocosin...Well Not Really

So, my workshop date at Pocosin Arts Center during the Cabin Fever Reliever XI is swiftly approaching, so sign up if you can and please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.

The workshop takes place February 17-20 and we will be looking at different approaches to ceramic surfaces and mark making for firing in electric kilns, but information covered is not exclusive to firing in electric kilns. Sculptors, handbuilders, and functional potters alike would benefit from this 4 day workshop. Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Very exciting show coming up at Claymakers in Durham, NC. "quiet/LOUD" showcases the ceramic vessels of Sasha Bakaric, Ronan Peterson (myself), and Noah Riedel.
The exhibition will include some pretty far out forms and surfaces and promises to serve as a feast for the eyes.

Come on out to the Opening Reception, Friday, January 21, 6-9pm. The show will remain up unitl March 12. Check out for more details.