Thursday, March 3, 2011

Long Time Coming

Long time no read or write, I know, but finally getting together a new blog post (maybe should call it the bimlog post (bi-monthly)). So a lot has happened for Nine Toes Pottery in January and February and the next six months are pretty hairy, too.

The "quiet/LOUD" show at Claymakers in Durham, NC looks great and is up for another week, until March 11. The show includes my work and the work of Sasha Bakaric and Noah Riedel. The concept of the show is to pair up the loudness or complicated color and surface textures of my work with the paired down, designed and earthy vessels of Noah, with the simple forms but complicated and quirky surface drawings of Sasha to bridge the two poles. I think the show looks great and sales have been good...for Sasha and Noah, a little slow for me, but sometimes that can be a blessing, because I need pots for other upcoming shows. Sometimes things do work out for the overall good.

I was the featured potter at Lark and Key Gallery in Charlotte, NC for February, and it seems that sales were good there. They still have a pretty good selection of work from the featured show. Then in later February, I journeyed to Columbia, NC to lead a workshop during the Pocosin Arts Cabin Fever Reliever XI retreat on surface enhancement for ceramic vessels called "Scratching the Surface". It was a great workshop! 10 students for me, my friend Teresa Pietsch helped me as my assistant, we covered a lot of techniques and aesthetic approaches and Lisa Clague was teaching at the retreat too! I love her work and it was good to have a few friendly words with her and her students. I'm hoping to get a blog post together about the workshop before December, but we will see how it goes.

Now, the big news for March is my solo show at the Kiln Gallery in Fairhope, Alabama, which also concludes with a cone 6 soda firing workshop at the Kiln Studio and Susie Bowman's studio. My solo show work is 75% earthenware, my normal studio fare, and 25% soda fired stoneware, which I have been exploring for over 5 years now, firing to cone 6 in a soda kiln and gathering info on clay bodies, glazes, slips, and terra sigs that work well in the atmospheric environment. Some new forms for me are the "Sugar Sphere and Creamy Chicken" sugar and creamer set (I may change the name to "Sugar Sphere and the Lil Creamer") which I wish I had images of, because I have been super excited about them...but sometimes the things I get most excited about are really viable for the marketplace...but I still get excited about them! Pics coming soon. So, if you are in the Gulf Coast area, go check out the show, or if you know some pottery lovers there, please spread the word. The show opened last night, Friday, March 4, but there is an opening reception next Friday, March 11 and the show runs through Saturday, March 26. Here are the postcard images for the show and the workshop flyer:

Also, for March, I'm getting new work to Crimson Laurel Gallery and Penland Gallery for their Spring reopenings. Also, 2 large lidded boxes (if they make it through the firing, fingers crossed) for CLG's "Containment II" show which opens later in the Spring. And some work to Cedar Creek Gallery for their Spring Kiln Opening Festival.

Looking ahead:
April 25-29, "Scratching the Surface" ceramic surface enhancement workshop at the Jacksonville Arts Center in Floyd, VA

May 29-June 10, "Terra Cotta Throwdown" workshop focusing on earthenware and juiced up surfaces, Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC

July 29-31, "Altered States", altered forms and surface treatments, Mudfire Studio, Decatur, GA

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