Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, long time not posting, but finally made it up to Penland area to stay with my folks for a few days, tie up some loose pottery ends, drop off pots at Penland Gallery and Crimson Laurel Gallery, and try and hang with my boys and bolster my faltering confidence. I know it should be good, but little plaguing doubts nip at my earlobes like Piedmont mosquitoes, and just as annoying. Pre-Penland Sale was a little down for me in comparison to my past Spring/Summer sales, but Teresa did well and was very proud of her best grand total solely from pottery sales.

My workshop at Penland starts tomorrow night, and I've already heard from a few of the students. Seems like a good bunch so far. Very excited that my wifey Kara gets to take a class; she signed up for a textiles class which involves crocheting and knitting with non-traditional materials, sounds pretty cool. Also, excited to have Teresa Pietsch as my assistant and Mark Errol, from Florida. I'm looking forward to meeting Mark, and I'm very interested in seeing him work. Check out MarkisMud to see some of Mark's ceramic (and other media) work.

Hope to get to visit with a few of the Penland folk, but time it tight and I have a lot of ground to cover, hopefully with student interest.

So, wish me luck, and here is my crew that will help instill confidence and valor...or at least some silliness and giggle time.

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  1. Neat to find your blog, cool to see you again at Claymakers again, hoping to learn more about interesting surfaces in a cone 6 electric kiln. Can handbuilders play too? I'll be at Penland in August so this session update is a breeze that makes me want to get there sooner not later. I know you'll have an awesome session! --Peter