Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easing into Summer

So, a few weeks back from Penland and I am still recovering. I had a great time, and it seemed like the students were having fun, too. Thanks to Mark and Teresa for working so hard and helping the workshop run smoothly, and also to all the hard work the students put in as well. Here is a pic of some cups my student Kelly Goodman Daniels made during the class. She and the other students did an excellent job of taking techniques I showed and applying them to their own style of working. Check out Dancing Clay Pottery to see more of Kelly's work and read about her ceramic journey.

It was my first trip back to the Penland campus (besides dropping off pots at Penland Gallery, which is slightly removed from the campus proper) since I left around 2003, and it was a great homecoming. I was honored to be teaching at the same time as the teacher of my first concentration as a Core student at Penland, Sandi Perantozzi, and also one of my clay heroes, Holly Walker. We weren't able to have a lot of interplay between the classes, but Kara and I were able to have quite a few meals with Sandi, her husband Neal, and Holly, which was so nice for catching up. After getting back, I had a few days of rest but also had to get back to work for some Summer shows and galleries that needed stocking up.

I was super excited to get invited by friend and master potter Ron Philbeck to the Carbondale Clay Center's "Pairings" show, where local breweries and wineries paired up their beverages with appropriate drinking vessels sent from potters from all over the U.S. CCC also chose my images for a good deal of the publicity of the show, which I am very thankful for, its always nice for the ego and hopefully sales to see your images out in the world! Check out this link to see some images of work from the show:

Also, I received a phone call months back with an invitation to be part of a show/sale on the west coast at Crow Valley Pottery, which I think is the farthest out that I have sent my work. I am super excited to be in the show, but let me tell you, shipping 30 pots across the U.S., double boxed and insured via UPS, is pretty pricey. So hopefully some (all!) of that work will sell or at least get a good response and help spread the good word about Nine Toes Pottery. Here are some pics of the postcard, which both Ron Philbeck and I have prime real estate on. You can click on the images to link up to the Crow Valley website.

...and finally, I am working towards a spotlight show at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur (Atlanta), GA which will be up and online I believe sometime in July...will keep you posted...and also, workshop at Mudfire Studio on altering pots and interesting surfaces which takes place while my show is up. Check out Mudfire Gallery/Studio for more details.

Wanted to note that I am typing this while on vacation, courtesy of a sleeping little boy and my lobster red back because I forgot sunscreen...oh well, more words coming soon!