Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cone 6...Wood!

Thanks to everyone who made it to last weekend's sale. It went great and lots of nice pots found nice homes. Now time for some
R & R...after this weekend's cone 6 wood firing at the Energy Exchange in Mitchell (or is it Yancey?) County, near Penland, NC.
My friend Teresa Pietsch, who is a resident there, organized a cone 6 wood firing in the Pallet Eater Heater wood kiln and I will have quite a bit of work in this experimental firing, for us that is. Another new thing for me, is that we will be get directional effects, which I haven't really done a whole lot of. So, super excited and I'll try to post some pics soon, that is if things turn out!

Happy Holidays everyone! See you on the flip side.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fresh cookies and funky fly fresh potteries

6th Annual Holiday Open Studio Sale this weekend

December 9, Friday, 6 - 9 pm

December 10, Saturday, 10 - 4 pm

December 11, Sunday, 12 - 4 pm

Now that is a big stein!

Come on by for some cookies, drinks, 
and a whole lotta pots fresh out of the kiln.

Hope to see you there and Happy Holidays!

Directions to the studio 
(#4 The Glen, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514) 
are along the right sidebar

(919) 225 - 6160