Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last Hurrah for 2012

With very special guest artist Teresa Pietsch, current Clay Resident at the Energy Xchange in the mountains of western North Carolina.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Workshopee News

     A little embarrassed at my prolonged blog/website absence, especially given this is the post that I come back with, but here goes. 

     Next weekend, November 3 and 4, at Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh, NC, I am commandeering a demonstration workshop on my approaches to the ceramic surface.  I'll be throwing some forms, altering them, assembling them, and tackling that ceramic surface from the get go, while it is still yet wet clay and not quite baked into hardened durability.  I'll be showing some slipping, some sigging, and some glaze/wax patterning.  So, if you want 2 days of surface attacks and augmentation, come on over to NC's capital city and hang out a few hours at Sertoma with some potters and the like. 

Here is more important info:

Upcoming Workshop:  "Scratching the Surface:  Approaches to the Ceramic Surface"

Pottery Workshop with Ronan Peterson #128825, Saturday/Sunday, Nov. 3-4, 10am-4:30pm
Age: 16 yrs and up / Course Fee: $180
This workshop will focus on enlivening the surface of your ceramic vessels through slipping, sgraffito, champlev√©, inlay, slip trailing, terra sigillatas, resist patterning, glaze layering and utilizing atmospheric effects in electric kilns. 

For more info on Sertoma Arts Center workshops: 919-420-2329

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scratching the Surface, By Example

     In a few days, "By Example:  20 NC Potters and Their Mentors" will open at the Greenhill Center for NC Art in Greensboro, NC.  I curated this show and have been helping install it over the past week or so, and let me tell you, this is a HUGE show.  "Huge" in that there are almost 500 ceramic objects, mostly pots, in the exhibition and "Huge" in the display of talent and variety of ceramic expression of utilitarian objects in one large room.  Here is a brief description of the show with a list of invited artists and mentors:

"By Example presents the work of twenty younger NC ceramic artists who use color, texture and imagery in their work and examines the sources of the newer guard of NC clay makers. Guest curator Ronan Kyle Peterson has selected 20 artists who in turn have invited 20 mentors who have impacted their work and careers in a significant way. This exhibit will include both functional and sculptural ceramic works which will introduce viewers to the clay medium through new approaches to surface design, and innovative use of ancient techniques. Themes such as artistic borrowings from other media in contemporary craft and the importance of mentorship will also be explored."

     Hope you can make it to Greensboro, NC to see this exhibition which runs Friday, June 29 through Sunday, August 26, with an Opening Reception, 5:30 - 7:30 pm this Friday, June 29.  I'll be giving a curator's talk and tour, 6 -6:30 during the opening reception, so be sure to miss...I mean be sure to catch that, should be both captivating and exhilarating (or at least intelligible is what I am aiming for).  A lot of the invited artists and some of the invited mentors are planning on attending, and it seems to be shaping up to be quite an event, so I hope you or someone you know can come on over to Greensboro and experience a visual feast of incredible presentation of pots x 500.  There is a Facebook page for By Example, check it out and "Like" it at this link

     And, since I really like to take it easy after installing a show with 500 pieces of pottery, I'll be teaching a workshop (check out this link) for the Carolina Clay Guild, at the Art Alliance Clay Studio in Greensboro, NC, Saturday and Sunday, June 30 and July 1, which just so happens to be located downstairs from the Greenhill Center (sheesh).  So, Friday night, the workshop attendees will hopefully make it to the Opening Reception for "By Example" and get to hear a brilliant (yeah, right) talk and walking tour of the exhibit by the curator, yours truly, followed by two days of a flurry of techniques for jazzing up ceramic surfaces.  Should go off without a hitch, right?  Wish me luck and hope to see you in Greensboro this weekend!    

Spoiler:  Here is a sneak peek of the postcard for the 2012 3 Guys* and Some Pottery Open House and Sale, going on August 4 and 5, featuring the return of Marty Fielding.  More details unfolding, but you can check out  or  3 Guys* and Some Pottery on Facebook for hopefully some pertinent details.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unintentional Sabbatical

     Soooooo, didn't mean to neglect the blog for so long, but 3 or months came and went in a flurry of activity.  In January, I attended the Ceramic Surface Forum #1 at Arrowmont School of Craft, which was organized by Jason Burnett.  This was awesome in so many ways, and I was honored to be part of the Surface Crew that attended.  There is a traveling show that came from the forum, with one show already done at Marlboro College in Vermont and an upcoming show at Amaco which travels onto Baltimore Clayworks titled "Shirts and Skins".  Hopefully more details to come about the shows.   I don't remember February, but I believe I was busy making pots.  In March, I was an invited presenter at the North Carolina Potter's Conference, which proved to be another amazing experience.  I was invited by Cynthia Bringle as an up and coming potter, and I was flattered and honored to be invited by someone who has worked with so many different people.  Other presenters included John Glick, who invited Martha Grover, and Jack Troy who invited Jake Johnson.  Extremely good company to be in!  Hopefully more on this later.  And then in late March-early April, I trekked on down to Fairhope, Alabama for a "Scratching the Surface" workshop at the Kiln Gallery/Studio. We explored surfaces involving slips, incising, carving, terra sigs and glaze layering in this 4 day workshop.  Amy Sanders and I had a show the month of March, and it sold extremely well.   Susie Bowman does an excellent job at the Kiln getting collectors and buyers to see interesting shows and great presenters for workshops in beautiful gulf coast Fairhope, definitely worth checking out. 

Now to the present:
     I am very excited to say that I was invited by a great group of potters to take part in their Spring sale on April 28.  Emily Reason invited me (thanks Emily!) to be part of the Potters of Madison County Sale at Marshall High Studios in downtown Marshall, NC.  Here is the flyer for the sale, come on by, there will be lots of nice pots!


     I am also part of a very interesting show at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur, Georgia, titled "Pirates vs. Zombies".  Erik and Luba at Mudfire have really outdone themselves with setting up this show, asking ceramic artists to present their take on Zombies and Pirates, setting up a duel to the death (undeath death?) of two pop culture icons.  I think it is an extremely creative approach to theming a show, and a nice departure from the 1001 cup shows of last year (disclaimer:  I am happy and thankful to be invited to cup themed shows, but I embrace fresher and more invigorating invites, but still want to be invited to more traditionally themed shows.  Thank you for your invites, all you inviters).  Here is an image of a plate I did for the show titled "Zombie Fried".  Take a gander at the show at to see the back of the plate and other great works of high seas, scurvy filled adventure and entrail, brain munching mindlessness.

     And finally, I will be teaching a workshop on cone 6 reduction firing at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd, Virginia, April 23-27.  We will look at glazes and glaze approaches for cone 6 reduction firing, glaze a kiln load and fire it up to just under 2200 degrees F, let the kiln cool and talk about our results and discuss what worked and what didn't.  While the kiln is cooling, we will discuss firing schedules, kiln choice and I am ready to demonstrate different surface techniques that can be used for cone 6 reduction, but is not limited to this temperature and atmosphere for firing.  I don't normally do cone 6 reduction, but Claymakers, the studio where I teach, does a lot of cone 6 reduction and I was one of the advocates for transferring over from cone 10 to cone 6.  Ana Howard at Claymakers did lots of research and testing to formulate a cone 6 palette, and I have also done a lot of testing and firing to get a good handle on cone 6 reduction.  So I will come with glazes and firing knowledge and we will bask in the glow of the blessings of the kiln...I hope.  Will check back in with results.  Here is a bowl with shino/ash/blue slip action from a Claymakers cone 6 reduction class I taught.