Friday, November 29, 2013

Long time coming...2013 Holiday/Open Studio Sale

After a long wait, months of shows, workshops, and mishaps, the much anticipated Nine Toes Pottery blog post is here!

So, since the summer, I was in Houston for a great workshop and solo show with 18 Hands Gallery, a sale with my friend Doug Dotson and invited artists,  deemed the new and improved Mockernut Sale,  some holidays, some other shows, and an article about NTP in American Craft magazine...all in all some busyness and flurry, which brings us up to now...pretty much.

So, my friend and great potter, recently located in Penland, NC, Teresa Pietsch, will be joining me for my annual Holiday/Open Studio sale on December 14 and December 15, 10 am - 4 pm.  The sale is located at my studio, with a studio address of #4 The Glen, Chapel Hill, NC  27514.  I do not have directions up on this site anymore, but any reputable GPS/map device can get you there.  If you get turned around or need some verbal help, you can call my cell at (919) 225-6160.   We are planning on having a lot of pots, some snacks, and a smidgin of holiday cheer for those of you that can make it.

Teresa is exhibiting at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild show in Raleigh, NC this weekend, for any of you Triangulites, and here is a link to her website for some images of her arboreal inspired potteries:  She also will be open for the Toe River Arts Council Studio Tour next weekend.

Now, more about me, I have some work at FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill for the Holiday show sale, just sent some work to Taupe Gallery in North Wilkesboro, NC, dropping off pots at Heartwood Gallery in Saluda, NC...more online work at 18 Hands Gallery, Charlie Cummings Gallery, and Mudfire Gallery.  Some cup shows at these galleries:  Crimson Laurel Gallery, Society for Contemporary Craft Shop in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Cup Invitational at Worcester Center for Crafts up in MA.  I probably missed something, and sorry for that, but gotta get going!

Hope y'all can make it to my holiday sale.   Bring a friend, bring a family member, pick up some hitchhikers and come on over!   Happy Holidays to everyone and a wonderful 2014 on the way!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Shows Above The Flood

Well, NC has been the land of perpetual rain of late, hope all you North Cackalackians are staying dry and warm, and weathering the extremely destructive storm of our legislature, as well. 

I have 2 shows, one up and one coming up, that I would like to spread the word about.  The first show is at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur, GA.  Mudfire is a great community clay studio, with an excellent gallery and stable of artists.  I know a lot of you are familiar with Mudfire and their excellent offering of shows, so please check in at, and check out my recent offerings of colorful, textureful, and tactile eartthnware pots.   The show is up July 12 - August 19.   Below is my "Skull Sugar Pod" from the show, for those of you who like dwelling on your own mortality while stirring a little sweetness into your bitter. 


Another show that I am extremely excited about, and honored to have, is a spotlight show at Penland Gallery, in Penland, NC.  The title of the show is "Sweet and Salty" and showcases my electric, oxidation fired bright and colorful "sweet" earthenware alongside an equal amount of my explorations into a low temp, soda-fired, "salty" earthenware palette.  I'm excited to see how each is received, and also very fortunate to have the show up during the Annual Benefit Auction at Penland School of Crafts.  I think some of the show will be online, but it would be great if any of y'all visited the show, and if you feel moved, give me some constructive feedback.  Check out my Facebook pottery page at  for upcoming details about the show.   Below is the ad for the show.  I'll be around August 9 - 10, for some mini-openings connected to the Benefit Auction, so I will not be at the "soft opening" on August 2, but please go and let me know what you think! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Sprummer 2013!


Happy Spring!
...and Summer is just
around the corner...
It's high time for the
Nine Toes Pottery
2013 Sprummer Sale!

You are invited to this year's sale on
Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26, 10am-4pm
The sale will be at
137 Windsor Circle, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(not at my studio address)
I'll have lots of cups, bowls, mugs
and some new bird pitchers and teapots that I am excited about.
Come, hang out, bring a friend, and join us for a celebration of budding, blossoming, and blooming

...and of course, Pots! 

Other upcoming Nine Toes Pottery events:
June 1 & 2, Larkspur Sale and Garden Party, Raleigh, NC
June 9-15, "Scatching the Surface" workshop, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN
June-September, Dow Studio Summer Showcase, Deer Isle, ME
July, Spotlight Show, Mudfire Gallery, Decatur, GA

August, "Sweet and Salty", Focus Gallery, Penland Gallery, Penland, NC

...and one last note:  My friend and great potter, Teresa Pietsch, will be having a show of her work at NC Craft Gallery in Carrboro, NC, I believe in June...maybe July, check out links for more info. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Arboreality, Fur and Feathers, and Yunomis

Big month here for NTP, April that is.  I have a solo show called "Arboreality" opening online with Charlie Cummings Gallery on April 9.  I sent Charlie almost 50 of my best pots of late, with some new "bird" pitchers that I am pretty excited about and some new decorations on cups, bowls and mugs.  Charlie and his crew take EXCELLENT photos of the work for their shows, and I am honored and super excited to have a show online with the gallery.  Check the show out on April 9-30 at

Other news:  an interesting show at Mudfire Gallery is up now, "Fur and Feathers", all work based on the theme of something birdlike or beastly, but with fur...or feathers.  Love the themes that Luba and Erik have been throwing out of late and interested to see how the new management/owners take this tradition and continue it.  Show is at

Upcoming on April 19, the AKAR Gallery's perennial favorite, the Yunomi Invitational 2013, will showcase a whole lotta cups/yunomis from a lot of great ceramic artists/potters.  I am super excited to be included among the invites this year, and hope that my cups do well there.  "Yunomi" by classical definition  and the criteria by AKAR is a cup, usually for any use, but AKAR specifies for tea drinking, that is taller than wide and has a cut foot.  With all the interpretations, there is a lot of variety with some stretching the formal definition and others adhering to classical Japanese models of "yunomi".  The cups I sent are definitely of the former, and but they do fall within the criteria described:  multiuse drinking cup, taller than wider and a cut foot.  We will see how the show goes, usually a crazy online bumrush, and I hope this year holds true to that tradition.  Check it out at   April 19-May 17.

Also, Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC  is holding "Containment All-Stars" upcoming in May, which should be a great show considering the lineup they have assembled together.  I have 2 pieces in the show and I am honored and excited to be included among the crew they have invited to this annual treat.  Be sure to check it out online at  or head on by the gallery and check it out in person. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cone 6 wood-a-bration!

I wanted to share some pics of some pots from a cone 6 wood/soda firing that a group of folks including me, Teresa Pietsch, Christie Drew, Nancy Garret-Mead, Tim Mead, Marcela Kokes, Tyler Stoll, and Andy Maynard (in absentia) did a few weeks ago at the Energy Xchange using their pallet eater wood kiln.  We had great results, with near even temps all over.  Enjoy!  And let us know what you think.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Altered States

So, despite resolutions and better promises, still lagging behind on the ole' blogging.  Still, wanted to get the word out about a few upcoming workshops.

I'll be in Fairhope, Alabama, February 2-3, for a 2 day workshop titled "Altered States" at the Kiln Studio and Gallery.  We will focus on thrown and altered forms, with some time spent on embellishing and decorating pots out of round.  This will be my third workshop at the Kiln, and all have been a whole lotta fun with lots of laughing and information to be had.  Check out 

for more details and such.  I will also have a solo show up which opens February 1st.  I'll be at the
opening, ready to start the workshop the next morning.

I also have a workshop coming up February 16-17 at Pullen Arts Center in Raleigh, NC.  This workshop
will be a perinnial favorite, " Scratching the Surface".  We will be focusing on various approaches to the 
ceramic surface, with lots of demos involving color and texture.  Check out

for more details.

Hope to see you at one of these southeastern events!