Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cone 6 wood-a-bration!

I wanted to share some pics of some pots from a cone 6 wood/soda firing that a group of folks including me, Teresa Pietsch, Christie Drew, Nancy Garret-Mead, Tim Mead, Marcela Kokes, Tyler Stoll, and Andy Maynard (in absentia) did a few weeks ago at the Energy Xchange using their pallet eater wood kiln.  We had great results, with near even temps all over.  Enjoy!  And let us know what you think.


  1. Looks like the Gin & Tonics made for a great firing.

  2. Looks great! Way to rock the midrange wood!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Do you mind posting what clay(s) you used for the wood firing? I am going to teach cone 6 reduction and would love to add a wood firing to the lot.

    1. Pincup, sorry just noticed your request. need to check comments more often. We used Highwater Clays, the Raku (nice and toasty brown to orange), Little Loafers (nice smooth white body that gets lots of peach to orange blushing), and Red Stone (nice smooth dark body, picks up wood and soda well)

      Some of my compatriots enjoy using the Speckled Brownstone, and I like the Brownstone and Desert Buff, but prefer the first three bodies i described. Good luck!

  4. what brilliant firing results! congrats

  5. I love love love the third one from the bottom. Great work! Thanks for sharing.