Friday, April 5, 2013

Arboreality, Fur and Feathers, and Yunomis

Big month here for NTP, April that is.  I have a solo show called "Arboreality" opening online with Charlie Cummings Gallery on April 9.  I sent Charlie almost 50 of my best pots of late, with some new "bird" pitchers that I am pretty excited about and some new decorations on cups, bowls and mugs.  Charlie and his crew take EXCELLENT photos of the work for their shows, and I am honored and super excited to have a show online with the gallery.  Check the show out on April 9-30 at

Other news:  an interesting show at Mudfire Gallery is up now, "Fur and Feathers", all work based on the theme of something birdlike or beastly, but with fur...or feathers.  Love the themes that Luba and Erik have been throwing out of late and interested to see how the new management/owners take this tradition and continue it.  Show is at

Upcoming on April 19, the AKAR Gallery's perennial favorite, the Yunomi Invitational 2013, will showcase a whole lotta cups/yunomis from a lot of great ceramic artists/potters.  I am super excited to be included among the invites this year, and hope that my cups do well there.  "Yunomi" by classical definition  and the criteria by AKAR is a cup, usually for any use, but AKAR specifies for tea drinking, that is taller than wide and has a cut foot.  With all the interpretations, there is a lot of variety with some stretching the formal definition and others adhering to classical Japanese models of "yunomi".  The cups I sent are definitely of the former, and but they do fall within the criteria described:  multiuse drinking cup, taller than wider and a cut foot.  We will see how the show goes, usually a crazy online bumrush, and I hope this year holds true to that tradition.  Check it out at   April 19-May 17.

Also, Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC  is holding "Containment All-Stars" upcoming in May, which should be a great show considering the lineup they have assembled together.  I have 2 pieces in the show and I am honored and excited to be included among the crew they have invited to this annual treat.  Be sure to check it out online at  or head on by the gallery and check it out in person. 

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