Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Shows Above The Flood

Well, NC has been the land of perpetual rain of late, hope all you North Cackalackians are staying dry and warm, and weathering the extremely destructive storm of our legislature, as well. 

I have 2 shows, one up and one coming up, that I would like to spread the word about.  The first show is at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur, GA.  Mudfire is a great community clay studio, with an excellent gallery and stable of artists.  I know a lot of you are familiar with Mudfire and their excellent offering of shows, so please check in at, and check out my recent offerings of colorful, textureful, and tactile eartthnware pots.   The show is up July 12 - August 19.   Below is my "Skull Sugar Pod" from the show, for those of you who like dwelling on your own mortality while stirring a little sweetness into your bitter. 


Another show that I am extremely excited about, and honored to have, is a spotlight show at Penland Gallery, in Penland, NC.  The title of the show is "Sweet and Salty" and showcases my electric, oxidation fired bright and colorful "sweet" earthenware alongside an equal amount of my explorations into a low temp, soda-fired, "salty" earthenware palette.  I'm excited to see how each is received, and also very fortunate to have the show up during the Annual Benefit Auction at Penland School of Crafts.  I think some of the show will be online, but it would be great if any of y'all visited the show, and if you feel moved, give me some constructive feedback.  Check out my Facebook pottery page at  for upcoming details about the show.   Below is the ad for the show.  I'll be around August 9 - 10, for some mini-openings connected to the Benefit Auction, so I will not be at the "soft opening" on August 2, but please go and let me know what you think!